High Kick

Airing Date

October 10,2011-November 14,2011

Total Episode





Action, Romance, Drama, Martial Arts, Comedy



Michael (Jason Isidro), Sarah (Aya Sterling), Jerry (Rick Harris), and Jason (Cedric Uena) are childhood friends and are really close to each other but Sarah dispite being the only girl in the group she argue and fight a lot with Michael even though the thing that they're fighting about is irrational.On the other hand Jerry gets jealous of Michael whenever he sees Michael and Sarah teasing each other and this can proven that Jerry harbors feelings for Sarah.One day Jerry and Michael got in a fight when Sarah got hurt by one of the gangs in the school and this came to a result Jerry confessing to Michael that he likes Sarah. Michael then is confuse about what Jerry had said and now he is becoming jealous of whenever he sees Jerry and Sarah talking or teasing each other.


  • Jason Isidro as Michael Ramos
  • Aya Sterling as Sarah Gomez
  • Rick Harris as Jerry Fernandez
  • Cedric Uena as Jason Ramirez

Supporting Cast

  • Carla Oribe as Emily Quinto
  • Salina Evans as Anica Gonzales
  • Nancy Fernandez as Patricia del Valle

Guest Cast

  • Ren Osborne as Young Michael
  • Nami Wallner as Young Sarah
  • Kyle Sony as Young Jerry
  • Kristopher Garcia as Young Jason